Obsession Horse

We have launched a  series of paintings: "Pure" – obsessive views of the fascinating creature horse that inspires us again and again, that inflames our creativity and leads us to new ideas….

The size, materials and colours of this painting series are harmonic and homogeneous so that collectors can combine them well with each other and present or hang them together. Thus it is possible to decorate or restyle areas of differing sizes, with the aid of which one can also create a complex aesthetic impression.

All works are painted in oil on linen. We have limed the canvas onto a 0.7" / 1.9 cm thick wooden panel, a very old and established method of mounting paintings – already know in ancient Greece and which was very common in the Renaissance. This is still today the picture carrier for icon painting and is particularly advantageous for a safe transport. Thereafter, in order to protect the painting from environmental influences or soiling, we varnish the surface so that the painting obtains a uniform semi matte, noble appearance.

Obsession Horse/ Pure1.
Jana Fox, Oleg Dyck / J&O Art Studio Cologne
Set of 9 Original Paintings
Together: 25.98" X 23.61" / 66 x 60 cm ( without spaces)
Every: 8.66'' x 7.87" x 0.7'' / 22 x 20 x 1,9 cm
oil on canvas, mounted on wooden board

If you are interested in finding out more about this painting or to order please email us stating the title to artists@joartcologne.com


Anonymous said…
These are stunning, where would I find a price?